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HARRISBURG – In an effort to assist local veterans with compensation, education, pension, health care and death benefits, Rep. Mike Peifer (R-Pike/Wayne) will be offering veterans’ assistance hours on Monday, July 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at his district office.
HARRISBURG – The deadline to apply for the state’s 2015 Property Tax/Rent Rebate program is being extended from June 30 to Dec. 31, Rep. Mike Peifer (R-Pike/Wayne) announced today.
HARRISBURG – Fire and emergency response organizations in the 139th Legislative District have been awarded more than $270,000 in state grants, Rep. Mike Peifer (R-Pike/Wayne) announced today.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Mike Peifer (R-Pike/Wayne) today voted to release critical state funding to schools and human service agencies. The House passed an emergency funding bill that would allow state and federal dollars to flow to state operations that are in desperate need of funding.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Mike Peifer (R-Pike/Wayne) today announced his support for a responsible budget which would spend $30.18 billion, increase funding for education and fund government programs that serve needy citizens, without any new or increased taxes on Pennsylvania’s hard-working citizens.
House Makes Necessary Revisions to PA Background Check Law To further clarify the types of volunteers and employees who are required to obtain background checks to work with children, this week, the House passed House Bill 1276. The legislation is designed to more clearly define who is and who is not subject to the background check requirements and, where possible, make the requirements less onerous for volunteers, nonprofit organizations, employees and employers.
Wolf’s Proposed Budget Voted Down The House voted unanimously this week against an amendment which included the tax increases found in Gov. Tom Wolf’s $33.8 billion proposed budget to fund a proposed 16 percent increase in government spending. The Independent Fiscal Office recently indicated the tax hikes would negatively impact residents all across the state from all income groups. In addition to tax increases, the governor’s budget plan also included an expansion of the sales tax, applying it to many more products and services such as diapers, caskets, room and board for college students, day care services, and nursing home services. Now, a budget negotiation process will begin with both chambers of the legislature and the governor’s office. The deadline for the final budget to be passed is June 30.
HARRISBURG – Reps. Mike Peifer (R-Pike/Wayne) and Rosemary M. Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) announced this week that five area projects in Pike County have been chosen to receive state grants through the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Finance Authority’s (CFA) Local Share Account program.
Right-Sizing the Pennsylvania General Assembly This week, the House State Government Committee voted in favor of two bills to reduce the size of the state House and Senate. House Bill 153 would reduce the size of the House by 52 seats, from 203 to 151. House Bill 384 would reduce the size of the Senate from 50 members to 37.