Capitol Roundup from Rep. Mike Peifer
Veterans Designation Now Available on PA Driver Licenses, ID Cards
Pennsylvania’s servicemen and servicewomen are now able to have their veteran status included on their state-issued driver licenses or non-driver identification cards. With the designation, veterans will be able to more easily demonstrate their veteran status and to take advantage of special offers and discounts available from businesses that choose to offer them. The designation on the license/ID card is more convenient and safer for veterans than carrying cumbersome documents that may include sensitive personal information. However, further documentation will still be required to obtain VA benefits. The veterans designation is available to eligible veterans at no charge at the next date of renewal of their license or ID card. If veterans want the designation prior to their next renewal, they will have to pay a fee for a duplicate license. The fee for a basic duplicate driver’s license is $13.50; fees for other types of licenses vary. For additional information, please contact Rep. Mike Peifer’s office at 570-253-5533 or visit

Lawmakers Plan Hearing to Address Skyrocketing Electric Rates
In response to the thousands of complaints statewide about skyrocketing electric rates, the House Consumer Affairs Committee will hold a public hearing later this month to gather more information about the issue. The hearing, to be held at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, March 20, at the state Capitol, will specifically focus on the drastic rate increases charged to consumers who entered into variable rate contracts with their electric generation suppliers. Legislation to ensure clarity in variable rate contracts, as well as other changes aimed at protecting consumers, also will be discussed. State officials are recommending that consumers who believe they are paying a rate that is inconsistent with their contract should call their supplier and attempt to resolve the issue. If the supplier is unable to resolve the complaint or is unresponsive, consumers may call 1-800-692-7380 or go to to file a complaint with the Public Utility Commission. If a consumer believes the competitive supplier has violated Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection law or has engaged in price gouging, file a complaint with the attorney general’s office by calling 1-800-441-2555 or visiting

DPW Outlines Savings From Combating Welfare Waste, Fraud and Abuse
The state Department of Public Welfare (DPW) recently detailed nearly $2 billion in savings from its efforts to combat waste, fraud and abuse. According to DPW Secretary Bev Mackereth, the department has worked with the state’s Office of Inspector General on several cost-avoidance measures, including investigations of high-risk applications, client overpayment recoveries and savings from program disqualifications. Additional savings have come through program integrity efforts and measures to prevent fraud and abuse, such as assuring Medicaid is the payer of last resort, the recipient restriction program and Managed Care Organization reviews. Welfare reform has been a priority in the House, with several measures enacted to save taxpayer dollars and promote greater integrity in the system, while also ensuring assistance is available to those who truly need it.

Representative Mike Peifer
139th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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