Capitol Roundup from Rep. Mike Peifer

State House Advances 2013-14 Budget Proposal

The state House has approved a $28.3 billion budget proposal for the 2013-14 fiscal year. House Bill 1437 now heads to the Senate, where it will be debated and likely amended prior to the June 30 budget deadline. Rep. Mike Peifer (R-Monroe/Pike/Wayne) voted in support of the measure, citing its commitment to key priorities. Specifically, Peifer pointed to the $100 million increase in basic education funding for the state’s schools, full funding of the state’s Act 120 pension obligation and restoration of nearly $4 million in funding for county conservation districts. For more information, visit and click on the 2013-14 Budget Information button.

House Continues Work to Protect PA Children

A House committee this week advanced a package of bills aimed at strengthening laws pertaining to child abuse. The keystone of the package is House Bill 726, which would expand the definition of child abuse in the state’s Child Protection Services Law to ensure such cases can be effectively prosecuted.  The bill lowers the injury threshold to mirror simple assault, expands the ability to substantiate serious emotional abuse, broadens serious physical neglect and expands the definition of perpetrator. Other bills in the package would establish procedures for reporting suspected child abuse through advanced communication technology to improve timeliness; enhance background clearance requirements for those who work with children or volunteer in a role where they supervise children; and expand the list of mandated reporters of suspected child abuse, clarify a mandated reporter’s basis to report child abuse and enhance penalties for the failure to report.

PA Fair Guides Now Available

The 2013 Pennsylvania Fair Guide is now available online and at Peifer’s office in Honesdale. Published by the state Department of Agriculture, the guide lists the dates, locations and contact persons for more than 100 agriculture fairs and events scheduled this summer and fall in Pennsylvania. Local fairs are scheduled as follows: Wayne County Fair, Aug. 2-10; West End Fair, Aug. 25-31; Green-Dreher-Sterling Fair, Aug. 27-Sept. 2. For a free copy of the Fair Guide, visit Peifer’s office at the Wayne County Visitors Center, 32 Commercial St., Suite 300, in Honesdale or his website at
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